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Firefox 4 is here now.

March 31, 2011

The latest version of the Firefox Browser 4 was released this week, and according to the early reports from the tech blogosphere, this could be the best Firefox yet. Some of the updates included area a sleek and stripped-down interface, tighter security features, and a better navigation bar, which “learns as you use it—over time, it adapts to your preferences,”. Also included in Firefox 4,  hardware-accelerated graphics, better crash protection, and much improved speed. Firefox boasts faster browsing speeds thanks to a new JavaScript engine. “Mozilla says the browser is up to six times faster than previous versions. After using Firefox 4 for less than a day now, and there is definitely a noticeable improvement.”

One of the new features that Mozilla included in Firefox 4 is a Do Not Track (DNT) setting. When the user enables the DNT option in the browser’s preference dialog, Firefox will a header in the HTTP request that will inform servers that the user wants to opt out of Internet Tracking. The concept has obvious merit because it provides a simpler, more predictable, and more consistent approach than the cookie-based mechanisms that are currently used today to signify opt-out status.

The downside of Mozilla’s system is that it would be completely ineffective without buy-in from the major advertisers. Despite the fact that it wouldn’t actually do very much, Mozilla offered the setting in Firefox 4 with the hope that it would help build momentum for the superior opt-out mechanism. Its decision to do so seems to have been well received in that Mozilla has reported that DNT is starting to gain high-profile supporters


Internet Explorer 9 now available for download!!!

March 17, 2011

The Internet Explorer official blog says that the downloads hits 2.35 million in first 24 hours. Not particularly stunning seeing as Firefox released version 3 in 2008 and got the record for 8 million downloads in a day according to Guinness Book of World Record. So if you are an IE user this is the latest version of the browser to hit the market and even if you don’t use IE it is built into the operating system and comes into play for many system functions so my recommendation is upgrade now to get the latest security features installed in your Windows Operating System today. And then install Google’s Chrome web browser and use it for surfing the web. Of course you do need to be running Vista or Windows7 in order to install IE9. Here’s the link for the download: Enjoy!!!