Firefox 4 is here now.

The latest version of the Firefox Browser 4 was released this week, and according to the early reports from the tech blogosphere, this could be the best Firefox yet. Some of the updates included area a sleek and stripped-down interface, tighter security features, and a better navigation bar, which “learns as you use it—over time, it adapts to your preferences,”. Also included in Firefox 4,  hardware-accelerated graphics, better crash protection, and much improved speed. Firefox boasts faster browsing speeds thanks to a new JavaScript engine. “Mozilla says the browser is up to six times faster than previous versions. After using Firefox 4 for less than a day now, and there is definitely a noticeable improvement.”

One of the new features that Mozilla included in Firefox 4 is a Do Not Track (DNT) setting. When the user enables the DNT option in the browser’s preference dialog, Firefox will a header in the HTTP request that will inform servers that the user wants to opt out of Internet Tracking. The concept has obvious merit because it provides a simpler, more predictable, and more consistent approach than the cookie-based mechanisms that are currently used today to signify opt-out status.

The downside of Mozilla’s system is that it would be completely ineffective without buy-in from the major advertisers. Despite the fact that it wouldn’t actually do very much, Mozilla offered the setting in Firefox 4 with the hope that it would help build momentum for the superior opt-out mechanism. Its decision to do so seems to have been well received in that Mozilla has reported that DNT is starting to gain high-profile supporters


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