How to stop a virus, or spyware in its tracks!

Consider this scenario:

You’re browsing the net and all of the sudden an alert pops up on the screen stating that you are infected by viruses!  Most people try to close the infected notice as they would a regular program, or they reboot the computer, both of these efforts will install the virus, or spyware.

Do the following:


It does not matter what version of Windows you are running, by holding down “CNTRL, ALT”, and pressing the “Delete” button, a menu will pop up.  Select the “Task Manager”, and then select “Applications”.  Under “Applications” select “Windows Internet Explorer”, and then select “End Task”. There may be more than one incident of “Windows Internet Explorer”, so make sure you “End Task” for each incident.  This should stop the virus/spyware before it gets installed on your computer.

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Mac Users: Do you realize that the very  first virus was discovered on a Mac?

The Mac has its’ own Task Manager but it goes by another name: “Activity Monitor”.  Activity Monitor functions in a very similar way to how Task Manager does in Windows, letting you manage and end tasks, applications, and processes easily within Mac OS X.


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