Beware of phone telephone scammers calling on behalf of Google

A new phone scam is underway where people are receiving phone calls by people who state that they calling on behalf of Google. These callers state that they received your name and number from the Google Database and that Google had detected that your computer was infected or had a problem. They further stated that they worked for Gooseberry Tech, who has a partnership with Google to offer a free remote troubleshooting evaluation of your computer. If you agree to this evaluation, they will have you download TeamViewer and will then use it to take remote control of your computer. They will then proceed to poke around your computer, look at event viewer, and check your programs. While doing this they will point out “serious” and “alarming” problems on your computer. When they are done scaring you, they go in for the kill by trying to sell you a one-time fix, for $100, or a maintenance contract for $199.

This is not the first time phone scammers have pretended to be from large companies and offering free troubleshooting services. In the past, phone scammers were calling people and stating that they were from Microsoft who had detected that their computer had a problem. They would then offer to remotely fix their computer for a fee. Eventually Microsoft caught wind of this scam and warned about these scammers on theirWindows blog.


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