Old Scam with a twist

A tech support scam was discovered that not only locks your browser stating your computer may be infected, but also has a computer generated voice trying to scare you as well. Typically, browser support scams will display a text or graphical alert that states that your computer is infected, you should call a number, and then makes it difficult for you to close the window or navigate away from it. A new alert was discovered that takes it to the next level by also playing a computer generated voice that states the following:

Important security message: Please call the number provided as soon as possible. You will be guided for the removal of any adware, spyware, or virus that is found on your computer. Seeing these messages means that you possibly have it installed on your computer which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk. It’s strongly advised that you call the phone number provided and get your computer scanned before you continue using your internet.

This audio recording is contained in an MP3 file that is set to repeat itself when viewing the ad. This MP3 file can be found here.

When you call the number 877-363-6747, which is displayed in alert, someone will answer who says Tech Support and speaks in perfect English without any accent. When questioned, they stated that their company name was 1 Good IT and started giving me the standard pitch of taking over my computer to see what was wrong and then fix it. Having done this before with other scams, I did not proceed further and hung up.

Though you may hear a voice speaking to you, this is still the same old scam. So stay vigilant and close any browsers that display these types of messages. If you are having a problem closing the browser, then you can start the Windows Task Manager and kill the process associated with your browser. Finally, never call the numbers listed in tech support scams unless you just want to mess with them


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