Windows 10 Automatic Updates Start Causing Problems

Microsoft has said that the Windows 10 updates are mandatory and automatic….no exception.

With just four days left before launch, Windows 10’s policy of automatic updates has run into its first major problem and it is causing many PCs to stop working correctly………..

…..Interestingly the problem has also been experienced by Forbes contributor Paul Monckton who has done some digging and explained that the fault lies in a conflict between Windows Update and Nvidia’€™s own driver and software management tool the Nvidia GeForce Experience€™.
€œIt looks like driver version 353.54 [the latest at time of writing] is available only via Window Update, €œThe problem is the Nvidia GeForce Experience then tried to downgrade that to the previous version while claiming the previous version was actually newer………….

So, if you roll back the driver update, Windows will install it again…and again…and again…

Given Windows 10 updates cannot be stopped the most obvious solution is to uninstall third party driver management and hand it all over to Windows Update to avoid clashes. This potentially simplifies matters by providing an all-in-one update service, but it does mean taking away control from specialist companies over their own products.
A second approach is worth mentioning when Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 updates were unstoppable:

hack it.
Initially this might work, but in April senior Microsoft product marketing manager Helen Harmetz said during a Windows 10 webinar that users who forcibly stopped any Windows 10 updates would eventually have their security updates cut off. Microsoft has yet to confirm this brutal enforcement policy in official documentation, but if this is the path it chooses that would ultimately make any form of update hack pointless.


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