RE: Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 New Monthly Charge.

So by now I’m sure most of you have heard that Microsoft has announced and confirmed that Windows 10 will now be a subscription service. What does this mean for consumers? Well apparently not much, yet, as Microsoft has also stated that this subscription fee will be for enterprises only. But for how long? How much trust are we willing to instill in that “promise?” We are talking about the company who went in and automatically upgraded users to the service without their permission or knowledge. I’m sure eventually Windows 10 will be a fee-based service for all who use it; Even if you don’t have to incur the fees automatically, like probably those who have already upgraded, I’m sure little features here and there will start having some fee attached to them.

My thoughts? Why fix something that isn’t broken. What I mean by that is, what was wrong with windows 7 or 8? Why do you or I or any average Joe computer user need windows 10? Most millennials don’t even have home computers anymore anyways. Want to save a buck, or 7? Stick to a slightly older but more than sufficient version of Windows and go buy yourself a drink or take yourself to dinner instead ;).


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