Can Samsung repair the damage?

Samsung has recently pulled it’s commercial for the Note 7 off of the air after the large recall of Note 7 phones due to exploding batteries. They’ve basically given up hope of restoring peoples faith in the smart phone and are hoping to focus energies on an early release of the S8 an S8 edge. But this begs the question, can Samsung repair the damage? Sure they can issue consumers who’ve already bought the Note 7 a new handset, but who is to say that one won’t explode too? They can try to make people forget by releasing the latest version of the S a bit early but is that really going to help? Samsung has already undergone a lot of bad press as of recent and releasing a new version of the S may not be all they need to come back from it. What many, my self included, find interesting is their lack of marketing during this time to try to pull more consumers in. They’ve instead focused their already purchased ad space on things like refrigerators and and TV’s. With Apple about to release their latest iPhone, can Samsung repair the damage that has been done quickly enough to regain profits undoubtedly lost? I suppose time will tell….


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