Microsoft’s Timesheet App for iOS

Microsoft has released an app called “Office365 Project Time Reporter” that allows you to keep track of and submit your hours from your mobile device (currently only if that device is an Apple product but Microsoft claims a version for Android will be available soon). The app allows you to keep track of hours, non-project work and assignments and save for later editing and submission. All of this is completely independent of location and allows you to input whatever you need to wherever you may be at the time. I am optimistic for this app just for the simple fact of being able to add to, revise and submit your hours regardless of where you are.

I think the app would work great for someone who travels out of the office a lot for work or someone who works from home a lot and is seldomly in the office. Not only can you keep track of hours and projects you can also keep track of overdue tasks and also submit task updates to keep your boss informed of your progress if a project is particularly long. I think the app will come in handy for many business owners and their employees and I applaud Microsoft for its creation.



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