Using Minecraft to teach Kid’s Programming

If you have small children (or big ones) or like the game yourself then you’ve probably heard of Minecraft. Microsoft announced recently that it wants to teach kids to not only play the game but program the game as well. It has been said that coding and programming will be an essential skill in our children’s future and it looks like Microsoft wants to jump on that bandwagon, but who could blame them.

On Tuesday the company released a tutorial for which is a non-profit sponsored by many tech companies to get kids into programming. The tutorial uses “Lego-like” puzzle pieces snapped together in a certain sequence to control an on-screen character, puzzles and video tutorials attempt to explain programming concepts. Many schools are also on board to teach kids coding and programming skills as well.

I think this is a fantastic effort by Microsoft to take an already popular game and get kids involved in a way that could give them vital skills for their future. Bravo Microsoft! Bravo!





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