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Coupon App to save you $$$ this holiday season and beyond!

December 13, 2016

I just downloaded an App called Honey. This is a coupon app that was originally created by a dad whom apparently just wanted to save a few dollars on pizza but it has become a great money saving tool among millennials. I have an android phone and I am not sure if there is an App for iOS users or not. It seems very user friendly thus far, the first thing I found upon opening the app was a list of local gas prices with the lowest already listed before you even open up the whole list of prices, score!

I need to use the App for a few days before I can give a full report or opinion but so far it seems like a wonderful tool. Things are ¬†categorized by “local” “weekly ad” “favorites” “latest” and so on with a search option, notifications, favorites, and a bar-code search among other menu options. It also breaks things down by type such as “Store” “Restaurant” ¬†and expiration dates of offers. I’m excited to use this for a week or so and report back with my official opinion of “Honey”. Stay tuned!