Scams, what can you do?

Phone scams are nothing new but with a new one going around lately I figured it may be a pertinent thing to talk about. Lately there has been a scam going around where a recording will call your phone and ask if you can hear them, if you say yes your answer is recorded and used to sign you up for all sorts of things without your knowledge just with your answer. It is important to remember to be cautious when you answer your phone just as you would be visiting sites online.

While I understand this may not be possible for everyone I believe a good rule of thumb is to not answer phone numbers you are unsure about, essentially screening your calls. This is something I always do, if the number does not show up on my caller ID as a number I have saved I just don’t answer. If you don’t want to do that another idea is to inquire more information from the caller on the other end, for example instead of just answering a question asking simple things like “who is this?” or “what is this about?” Never just answer a question if you are unsure of who you are speaking to, even if it seems innocent and harmless.

It is important to protect ourselves from strangers who are seeking to do us some sort of harm, even over the phone. For some these things may seem like common sense but it is important to remember and remind us of them every so often. So a word to the wise, be careful when you pick up your phone, not everyone who calls you is your friend 😉


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